Hi, I'm Manuel.

As a freelance facilitator, I accompany organizations towards a more cooperative working-together.

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The intention with which organisations use their power can change everything

Teams that take ownership of their agency can move mountains – and team-work with compassion can move us even more.

The road to get there goes through dedicated places for nuanced conversation that don’t require a function title to participate but just an open mind and the ability to listen.

That’s where I come in: as a facilitator I’m here to help your team talk about what you do, how you do it and most importantly why you do it – by holding space and bringing the appropriate methodologies. In Dutch, French or English.

How I can help

I facilitate your meeting or workshop

Want to set the priorities for the coming year during your team retreat? Ready to have a talk about that one issue that’s never being openly discussed? It can be quite a challenge to have a fruitful conversation when you’re a big team. As a facilitator I can host your meeting or workshop as a neutral person to make it run smoothly.

My toolbox includes methodologies for deliberation and decision making (Management By Consent, Moving Debate, …) as well as ideation and creativity (Hats of Bono, World Café, …). I reinforce your capacity to collectively express your purpose and personal signal your boundaries, and use both to forward. Through my posture, I hold a space in which everyone’s contribution is heard and appreciated.

I help mature self-managing teams

Your team is leaving behind a classic hierarchical structure, but sometimes this leads to ambiguity and uncertainty? Based on the principles of Sociocracy and Holacracy I work with you on clear mandates, a good flow of information and clarity about what is decided where. We look for a balance that includes people in decisions without spending too much time in meetings.

Starting from the concrete challenges and evolving context you experience today I carefully guide you towards a lively, sustainable change.

I accompany your technical team

Are you looking for a SCRUM-master to guide the working-together of your technical team? Aided by my own experience with SCRUM as a software developer, I look at which tools from Agile project management can make the internal organization run more smoothly (Backlogs and Sprints, Stand Up Meetings, Retrospectives, …) and implement and facilitate them with the goal of making your team self-managing.

While these tools can make your team more agile and efficient, technology only really makes us take a step forward if it’s developed in an inclusive and purposeful way. Therefore I also bring the principles and posture from Collective Intelligence and Deep Democracy with me in this role.

I’m sure your situation or request doesn’t quite fit these boxes. Contact me so we can talk about it!

My specificities

As a trilingual (NL/FR/EN) freelance facilitator I support purposeful companies and projects in what they want to achieve, but more importantly, in their working-together — as a powerful and transformative goal in itself.

I facilitate all kinds of organisations, and have a special focus on tech companies and citizen collectives. My home base is Brussels and I am mobile within Belgium. I also do remote facilitation work from time to time.

A diverse network of facilitators is growing in Brussels and I cooperate with some of them on a regular basis. I am a better facilitator thanks to the open culture, innovative viewpoints and constructive intervision that exist in this group.

Already entrusted me with their process:

Shayp, Coop IT Easy, Equal Partners, Teach for Belgium, Confluences, Heroes For Zero - 1030/0, ERU - Etudes et Recherches Urbaines, …

My background

In my job as a facilitator I rely on more than 10 years of experience in various projects, where I increasingly supplemented my analytical approach with a role as process supervisor — two sides that reinforce each other.

I graduated as an engineer in Applied Physics and worked as a PhD student, as a data scientist at an NGO and as a software engineer at a self-managed workers’ cooperative. I worked in research teams, led complex restructurings of data pipelines and facilitated team retreats. Also, for a long time I’ve been active in youth work with an inclusive and creative approach, and I am involved as a facilitator in the citizen collective for deliberative democracy called Agora. As I lean on these experiences, I’m mindful of the teamwork they represent, the shoulders I’m standing on and privilege I’ve received.

My practical experience is complemented by training in facilitation techniques and posture through a.o. Université du Nous (Atelier du Nous) and Collectiv-a (Posture de Facilitation).

Besides the fact that I like to stand in front of groups I also make printed and interactive maps as a freelance cartographer, including data management and programming.


Want to talk more? Great!

0485 74 88 11

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