Hi, I'm Manuel.

As a freelance cartographer I make interactive and printed maps and apply geospatial algorithms for the greater good.

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How I can help you

Need an interactive map so your users can explore your data? Want to explain your research in a journal or newspaper using a high-quality map?

I make interactive and printed maps.

I use state-of-the-art tools to visualise your data as a static, printable map (using QGIS as my main workhorse) or as an interactive (story-)map (using Mapbox/MapLibre GL JS, Leaflet, uMap, …). Layer by layer, I carefully build up your map complementing your data with Open Data and/or satellite layers and explanatory graphs. With an eye for detail I take care of advanced aspects like label placement, relief shading and an accessible color system, all while respecting your visual identity.

Overloaded with messy datasets or Excel-sheets? Need to compare or combine databases and have no idea on how to start?

I help you make sense of your data.

I carefully clean your data and include a structured notebook report on my analysis of your (spatial) research questions (using tools like R, Jupyter and D3.js). I can help you orient in the world of statistical tests, predictive models and Machine Learning and apply the most fitting approach. In the longer run, I can help you set up a data processing pipeline, enabling things like automated reports, connected databases and APIs.

Need to efficiently compute how many households in your huge dataset lie within a certain distance of forests (or polluting factories)? Does your project required you to draw optimal shortest routes with multiple stops?

I scout cutting-edge algorithms for you, and put them into action.

There are incredible – but sometimes scary – geospatial algorithms to be found in the realms of computational geometry, geodesy and routing. They enable us to answer many (but not all) complicated questions on your data. My background in – and love for – Maths, geometry and linear algebra give me the necessary tools to find out which ones can be used for your tasks. I implement them for your and deliver the resulting output, as well as the clean and well documented code. The engineer in me also looks forward to your remote sensing and hyperspectral image processing challenges.

My previous experience

I was born in 1989 and live in Ghent Brussels. After my studies as an engineer in Applied Physics, I’ve followed by love for maps, Maths and geomatics and worked as a PhD student at the UGent department of Geography working on historical cartography (and their deformations), map projections and predictive algorithms. I later joined an NGO as a GIS-officer and data-scientist, making maps and helping researchers understand their data. I’ve also undertaken some GIS projects in my spare time: building a citizen-driven mobility plan, recreating 18th century map-style and computing the cycling potential of Brussels’ streets.

I’m on team Open Knowledge; contributing to OpenStreetMap, using Open Source tools and sharing my own code, learnings and creations as much as possible. Let’s create knowledge for the many, not the few.

Tools I’ve used include QGIS/GDAL – Mapbox GL JS – JavaScript/Node – SQL/Postgres – R/dplyr – Python/Pandas/Jupyter – CLI – Git – MatLab – and even Ruby/Jekyll to make this very website (10/10 would recommend!).

I’ve cooperated with:

UGent department of Geography, IPIS - International Peace Information Service, Endeavour, Heroes For Zero - 1030/0, ERU - Etudes et Recherches Urbaines, …

I’m happy to share more about my previous projects upon request.

Next to my cartography work, I’m a freelance facilitator: I accompany organizations towards a more cooperative working-together.


Want to talk more? Great!

0485 74 88 11

Manuel Claeys Bouuaert — VAT: BE0747868317IBAN: BE31001904377455